Thursday, May 6, 2010

In honor of Mother's Day

So, this Mother's Day weekend has already gotten off to a terrible start. I woke to a text from my mother telling me to call her when I got up. I knew before even calling what happened. My great grandmother was gone. I can't even describe what an emotional year this has been with both sides of my family. We've lost too many loved ones lately...Chad's family included. And to make matters worse, it's almost Mother's Day. And I've had the looming reminder that we buried my other grandmother eight years ago this week. There's more. Just last week Chad lost his aunt and two days later I lost a great great aunt (my great grandmother's sister). All mothers. And grandmothers. Two were great grandmothers. And one a great great grandmother. All dearly loved and all will be dearly missed this Mother's Day.


blogzilly said...

I'm sorry for all your losses, all your heartaches and all your worries. Were it within my power I would gladly wave a wand over the world and try to cure all its ills, but I think I'd start with your house and move outward.

My thoughts are always with you.

JSmith5780 said...

I am sorry for all the loss you have suffered this year. I hope things got at least a little better for Sunday.