Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another clip

This is another clip of Austin grabbing his right leg and slapping his right hand before/during/after the small set of spasms. I find it extremely odd that there were right sided abnormalities found on the PET scan. If anything has ever been consistent during this rollercoaster of IS, it's that he has never strayed from the right hand issues. This has been going on since just before I saw the first spasms. It has never been his left hand and the frequency and severity of it has only intensified. Not only that, but it goes with his partiality to his left hand (he's shown a preference since he was 9-10 months old). And now? His head jerks to the right with certain types of seizures. I so wish we could get a repeat PET scan. I just wish we could do it closer to home. I guess just because he has consistent left hemisphere symptoms, it doesn't mean it's not bilateral. Not that I'm wanting to revisit the surgical world...but, I just wish I knew why his behaviors and symptoms don't seem to support the findings.

Monday, June 21, 2010

What kind of seizure is this?

After months and months, I was finally able to catch this seizure on video (47 seconds into the video). I have no clue what type it is -if it's not a spasm. I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable can help me figure this out because my description to our epi hasn't resulted in a definitive answer.

Also, check out how Austin grabs at his right leg about 30 seconds before the seizure. This is typical as is the way he slaps his right hand (in another video I'll post soon). Another thing I've noticed and been trying to catch is the change in his left eye after these seizures. I know it appears to be the helmet, because when I take it off in the video, it looks normal again. I think this is just a coincidence because his eye does this with or without his helmet on. I'm curious what's causing this. I've noticed changes in the appearance of his eye since his diagnosis. I always thought it was nothing, until lately when it started getting more pronounced. The eye may be difficult to spot...the video quality is awful.