Friday, December 5, 2008

Just around the corner...

I think the above is the picture that made it in the cards last year...
And the one below was the intended...imagine 30 copies of the wrong pic!! :)

With the latest cold front that blew through and finally getting our tree up, I've had no choice but to get with the excitement of the holidays. How can I not with the chill in the air and all the red and green in the house?!

I LOVE the day after's when I allow myself to break out the Christmas cds...I have two faves...Jewel, of course (Al, I'm still faithful to this one -after, what, at least 8 or 9 years and 3 copies later!) and my Sarah, which I think I got two Christmases (lol, sp on that one?) ago?? I think. I love some Bing, but sad to say after buying two copies, I can't find either of them! I'm a traditional freak, so I can ONLY listen to them between Thanksgiving and Christmas...after Christmas, in the case they go not to come back out til next year!

My mind is turning with ideas for the Christmas card pics...Last year we took some last minutes by the tree...I was definitely not a good planner with a colicky 2 month old at the time. I even think the cards came out after New Year's! LOL I'm still cutting it close, but as long as they get out by Christmas this time, I'll be satisfied!

I can't divulge too many details, but we got the outfits (yeah, plural for BOTH our babies) a couple weeks back...and it may be a little Grinch-y...hmmmm. That could change..we'll see.

I must, must, must be ashamed, costumed dog and a teething 13 month old...I'm already thinking of Plan B's. I know improvisation is inevitable! :)

By the way, helmet should be here Monday! :)


Jamie said...

love it love it! LOL the dog is much funnier in the top pic anyways...I have a skitish cat no way id get her in pics!
I remember someone bought madie some little shiney black shoes. hee hee

baby trevor's mommy said...

Personally...I'm all about the crazy kid face pic! With my three...we can always count on at least one silly face in the bunch!