Friday, January 30, 2009

A nail-biter...

I did it.

I asked for the script for the PET. And, just as I expected, I worked it into conversation. I caught the nurse a little off guard, but she explained she would forward to Mr. Doom & Gloom..No word yet. Can't wait to see what he says...

And there's more. Not only do I need the script for the PET, but ALL the pre-determination paperwork has to come from him for insurance approval. I'm terrified at bringing this one up. I just found out for sure minutes ago that I need this. The nurse I've been dealing with from Detroit has been trying to get around it, but it's not happening.

I really did try to get our current doctor in on this. Remember back in November, I was nervously awaiting a phone call to confirm whether or not I was onto something? I got a bunch of irrelevant nonsense back. I really did try. But, do I remind him that no one listened if he sounds insulted that I want another opinion? Would he even be insulted in the first place? Why am I so worried about insulting a doctor that has shown no compassion for us? I can't understand why I'm so hung up on this...This situation should be the least of my worries right now, wouldn't you think? I'm so scared that he doesn't agree that there's a focus and I need him to. He has to document a medical need for these procedures. A medical need meaning there's clinical evidence to suggest a focus exists. There is none. His staff blew me off. All I have is Dr. Chugani's opinion...and he cannot complete the paperwork for me. He's never seen Austin.

I spoke to the nurse at 2:20. It's 3:33 now. I have this terrible habit of picking at my cuticles and biting my nails when I'm nervous or anxious...My thumb is already bleeding. Of course an hour is waaaaayyyy too soon to expect a call back!! Knowing them, I may not even hear back from them until Monday! Maybe they'll surprise me so I can spare the rest of my fingernails!


KC's Mama said...

Hi, I'm Karen. I am on the IS Yahoo group too and got to your site through Jen Smith's site. I am taking my son KC to see Chugani also and am working through the paperwork as well. What a mess! I didn't want to ask my neuro either for the script because I am going to detroit because I don't agree with him. Our situations sound very similar.. Anyway, I got a script from KC's pediatrician instead of the neuro. It was super easy, I just talked to the doc and she wrote it up as we spoke. Maybe something you can try?
Anyway, I hope it works out for you. I am on pins and needles right now waiting for everything to be confirmed, and it sounds like you are too!
My email address is if you want to get in touch with me : )


JSmith5780 said...

I REALLY hope you have heard by now!