Monday, February 2, 2009


Just as I expected, I didn't hear from Houston until this morning. But, I did get a "sure" for the PET script! Then I hit them up for the rest! I'm praying for cooperation there. I need authorization for the VMR (the 23-hr EEG) and PET scan.

My poor baby has been snotty and drainy since Wednesday. He's been drooling so bad that I had to pull out the old baby bibs that I had finally packed up. Poor thing won't close his mouth! He started refusing bottles on Friday, but last night I FINALLY got him to take one! He took one for Mom on Friday night, but Saturday he wouldn't take anything. I ended up having to give as much as I could out of a cup. He wasn't too crazy about that either...but he needed some milk! I'm relieved to say that he took one this morning too, no problem. His nose is still a little snot faucet, but at least he's drinking more now..

Seizures are about what I'd expect...up there. I tried giving him some of his prescription cold medicine, but I noticed his spasms go up, so I put it away. Someone told me that anything with an antihistamine will lower the seizure threshold. They're still up even though he hasn't had a dose since Friday...I'm just assuming it's because he's sick. So we've been trying to fight the sniffles the old-fashioned way. Wish it worked! We've done aspirators, nose drops, vapor baths, Baby Vapor Rub, you name it! Guess we'll just have to wait it out.

I have to thank Mom for fixing Austin up with his play yard! OH, it has been soooo nice having that back! I haven't been able to put him in there since probably, I've been short on places I could safely put him while I do little things around the house. She padded the rails where it's Austin-friendly now (he'd grown to the point where he could hit his face on the side if he had a spasm)...He's enjoying the extra freedom so much!

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