Thursday, June 18, 2009

A glimpse of Austin

I'm sure I've mentioned before how technologically challenged I am.

My electronic go-to person is my mom. She can figure just about anything out that's electronic-related. Me? I like to be able to push the power button and do what I need to do...without a manual!! Patient, I am not.

I absolutely cannot figure out how to transfer videos to my computer from my camcorder for the life of me!

So, I was so proud of myself when, after having my digital camera for nearly three years, I finally thought to use the movie clip mode! And then actually managed to successfully take a five and a half minute video from my digital camera, transfer it to my computer, cut it down to two and a half minutes, and....get it on this blog! Not to mention with the slowest internet connection on the planet (I live in Primitivetown, USA, where high speed is reserved for civilization)!!

Anyway, I didn't shoot this with the intention of uploading and sharing. I was really just experimenting with my camera. Quality isn't the best, but it works I guess. It's just a typical Austin walk-session (probably boring to anyone other than his mommy ;-), with the normal Austin squeals and stumbles. No seizures I don't think...Just happy play!


blogzilly said...

Thanks for sharing the play time!

It's good to see regardless of quality or technical proficiency. I never figured out how to make clips with my camcorder, but I got a new digital camera yesterday that has a clip option on it that I am hoping has better quality than my last.

Anyway, bring on more videos!!!

How did you shorten the clip? What software?

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

I gave up on my camcorder...way too confusing to download. I now have a user friendly for downloading to blog pages.

I love the not boring to me either!!! I liked that I actually got to see firsthand on how seizure-proof his play area really is.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Somehow I pictured you as a tech-y girl?! Interesting...

I loved watching your little man play! Trevy has always been wobbly too...but he's gotten better over time...that or I've gotten less stressed out about it?



Holli said...

Ken -I've got a few on my computer -one for each of my various (and obvsiously rarely used) electronics. I think it was just the Windows Movie Maker that I ended up using. Wasn't crazy about it. It imported the video into clips, and I couldn't edit the clips separately...just rearrange or add/delete the clips themselves. Hope we see the results of your new digi camera soon!!

Elaine -I thought this camcorder would be a breeze. I even took one back so I could another that came with a USB. Still can't figure it out!! I almost got a Flip too!

Danielle -Me? Techy? I wish!!

Btw, Austin's wobbliness has gotten worse over time. I'll blame it on the meds...that somehow makes me feel better about that it's only temporary. We'll see.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Trevy was super wobbly with Banzel...I think we'll probably see a difference once the wean is complete. Cause I took a deep breath...and quartered the pill. I mean...we started weaning. I was just trying to say it in a groovy

Love you sweetie! Seriously!


ps. my word verification is "blaug" that's groovy!

"blaug" it out! lol

Colby said...

I LOVED seeing Austin race around! He really looks GREAT!!! I am glad he will tolerate the helmet OK...That is some peace of mind! And he just seems VERY intune with all of his toys and has great spacial perception....I think he is really doing fantastic...I know you have your hands full with him walking (running!)...When I wish so badly that Colby could walk, I try immediately to be thankful that he downs't have as far to fall when he has a seizure! You know, trying to find the POSITIVES!!!

I to am VERY technically- challenged...Just ask Ken or Danielle! Maybe one day I will learn to get my video on here...

And a word to Danielle...Your word verification? "Blaug"? That's exactly how we say it in SC!!!


aRtcHixX said...

I LOVE the video!!!
I'm impressed too!
I consider myself a gadget girl and have yet to master the video upload!
Bravo girl!
I love to see him running around and so interested in toys and most definitely in the door knob!! **grins**
Baby Boy growing up and looking oh so cute!!!
Love and hugs!