Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun in the shade

We finally had cooperative weekend weather. I've been waiting for weeks to pull out the pool and see some splashes! As outta control as Austin's been in the bath lately...I knew this would be entertaining. Only I didn't get many smiles or even glances on camera. He was in action and extremely focused on the water! I did get some giggles and smiles on video though. He'd be splashing away and suddenly throw himself backwards (Chad had to hold him by the arms to keep him from going under) and kick the heck out of the water! It was exactly how I imagined it would be! This doesn't happen often. He usually reacts the opposite of what I expect.

We slathered on the Waterbabies, donned the sunglasses and headed into the...



Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

I LOVE the long did he keep them on for?!?! I can barely keep a bow in Sophie's hair.

Looks like he had an absolute blast in the pool. I love when things go as imagined. Doesn't happen often but when it just melts my heart and keeps me going.

blogzilly said...

That's AWESOME...looks like he had a great time.

Colby said...

Hooray for summer! LOVE the action photos! This is what I like to see...Keep 'em coming!

Jamie said...

hee hee! I love it! Madison would go nuts if I put those sunglasses on her! lol! I will also agree with Sophies mom :)

baby trevor's mommy said...

I LOVE his little teeth!


aRtcHixX said...

He looks SO cool in his shades!!!!
He look slike he had a BLAST in the water!!!
He looks so animated and happy! Seems like you guys had a wonderful day!
I would love to see the video!
Love & Hugs!