Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here goes nothin'

In a desperate attempt to get this whole MRI thing resolved, I broke down and emailed Dr. C. I had originally planned on waiting until hearing back from our clinic and getting their opinion first, but I just couldn't help myself. It tore at me all weekend and keeping in mind their history of response time vs his...It was a no brainer.

I spared no detail in my original message, fully expecting a negative response. What I got?

Not quite as negative as I thought. Although he said it could be an indication of bilateral abnormalities, he did leave the door open and seemed eager to look it over. He explained that focal slowing typically means there is a structural lesion on that side, but still wanted to review them before making assumptions. Of course, there's no telling when our hospital will actually get the discs sent over. Why can't I ever remember to request copies while we're there? Ugh, I want to kick myself sometimes. Actually, in my defense, I truly don't think I was expecting any change in the MRI. I thought my correspondence with Detroit was history. I guess it may be after he reviews everything. But I gotta keep trying, right?


danielle said...

Chugani once told me that surgery is never not an option...


Holli...I hope you feel in your bones how much I love you and want healing for Austin. I hate hate hate that beautiful amazing little kids have to suffer in such an insane broken way. But I do believe good things come from suffering. I do!

I stumbled on this blog post the other's beautiful. I don't know if it'll minister to you the way it did me... And honestly...many times I wonder if I'm supposed to just shut up because Trevy is in a better place now? IDK. But I feel like I should leave the link here...

Love you, hon.


blogzilly said...

Since things are always changing inside the brain, maybe you will get to a point where a surgical option presents itself.

I think it's good that you keep fighting. All you can do really as his Mom. Everything and anything else is really outside our ability to control.

But fighting for your kids? That we have control over. :)

Hope to hear more about this soon.

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

You know Sophie got rejected for surgery many times over. You have to do what feels right in your heart.

I have had success if I personally go to the records department at a hospital in getting things on CD within minutes.