Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's here

I can't honestly say it's been worth every penny...just yet. We've had a few issues -which I'll go into more detail later on, and it's quality has left something to be desired. But, it's serving it's purpose nonetheless.

After our little insurance mishap, I put all the other, more expensive beds on hold. We're also in the application process for our state's disability medicaid that also assists with medical equipment and so forth, so I thought it best to wait until we could possibly get help with funding. The least expensive one of the three I chose was still going to cost about two grand, so 150 bucks didn't seem so bad as a temporary relief. I figured if it didn't hold up well, we wouldn't be out thousands.

I'd like to say it seems worth $150, but I'm not so sure. The construction is quite flimsy and the only thing that sets it apart (in my opinion) from a cheap camping tent are the dimensions which accommodate a twin size mattress -sort of.

We already had a large twin size mattress from the guest bedroom. The thickness of it definitely cuts down on overall height on the inside and head room for Austin. He can sit up in it without straining his neck, but just barely. It definitely won't be that way long though as he's always growing.

Now, for the major flaw. Even with a large twin size mattress, there are spaces on each side between it and the sides of the tent. When I set it up, I felt the gaps and crammed pillows to fill them in on one side. It seemed safe with no gaps (or so I thought). That night went well. I got sweet photos and was so excited to share the news. My first Austin free night of sleep! Okay, he was still in our bedroom, but still. Out of the bed at least. The next night, however, didn't go so smoothly. I miraculously woke up about 2:30 am. I could tell that he was awake. He wasn't super loud, but I knew he was awake. I sat up and leaned forward to see him. When I couldn't, I walked over to the side and peered through the screen. Still didn't see him. I unzipped it to find him completely wedged between the mattress and sides. His little body was sideways facing the mattress but his head was turned looking up. I can't even tell you the terror that went through me when I saw him like that. He had no leverage to get himself out since his arm was in a bind underneath him. Needless to say, I fished him out and spent the rest of the night in there with him. Apparently, even though there were no obvious or concerning gaps, the fabric stretched enough for him to slip down. I think I found a temporary solution by double cramming every pillow we own into the spaces. I don't even think his paci can slide down there, much less an extremity or his whole body.

My initial plan was to give it week's trial in our bedroom since I wasn't comfortable with him sleeping alone in it yet and then move it to his bedroom (providing I could adjust the video monitor where I could see him). After the other night, I don't think that's happening anytime soon though...

So...IF anyone is considering this bed enclosure...STUFF STUFF CRAM CRAM...and then CRAM some more into those sides.

He sure is adorable in it though, I have to say. :)

This set up is a temporary arrangement. It really should be strapped to a sturdy bed frame or at the very least pushed into a corner for added stability...especially if you are using an air mattress or another light weight mattress.


happy's mommy said...

I'm SO glad you shared this! I hate that you've had issues...but I'm glad to know. I would have freaked out too. :(

Did you call the company and complain?


Holli said...

Danielle -Not yet. On their website they give you "tricks" in the FAQ section. It mentions using bolsters on the side. They didn't outright say to protect from entrapment...they should have. I am definitely going to alert them of our "little scare".

I think for the price, it can definitely be useful. As long as you're aware of what needs special attention.

devon said...

LOL, he is too cute in that thing. It's every little boys dream, camping indoors!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a son with autism and down syndrome,and I was considering getting the same bed you posted about. How is it holding up so far? My son is 4yo and very energetic. I think he would like being enclosed like that ,because he is always crawling into little spaces and cubbies when he plays.
I am concerned about the possible entrapment. Did you ever put the bed on a frame, or didn't you find it necessary?
I am really excited to find this bed after seeing some for $5000 and up and we just can't afford something like that.
thanks for your help.

Holli said...

Hi Amy, Yes it's working out wonderfully. As far as the entrapment issues, I overstuffed the sides with pillows (folded in half length wise). We have about a 39" wide twin mattress and the pillows have prevented him from being able to slide down in the sides. After about a week or so he learned he couldn't stand up and doesn't even try anymore. We haven't gotten it on a bed frame as of yet, but we have one due to be here in a few days and I'm sure I'll post something on it. Oh, by the way, there's been a little bit of wear on some of the seams, but I think it's due to overstuffing it (the wide mattress and extra pillows on the sides). Still, it's been a lifesaver and beats the thousands of dollars the others cost. Hope this helps. ;)