Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In Detroit

We're about 10 1/2 hours into Austin's 24 (or less) hr EEG. I honestly was beginning to think I was never going to be able to sit still. We have been going practically nonstop since yesterday morning. Note to self: Never. EVER. Book such a late flight again. In our defense though, we really thought it was logical that Chad could maybe squeeze in half a day at work, come home, get showered and packed, drive the 2 hrs to Houston, catch the nearly 3 hr flight, arrive at 11pm, rent a car, and drive to the hotel, and actually not want to die. HA! We threw out the plan for him to work, but kept the late flight plan. Not again. So, needless to say, we're beat. We finally got settled in at the hotel by 2 am, got up and checked out and headed straight here to the hospital for overnight EEG. Hook up went well, it's a totally different experience than TCH. They don't use the superglue-like goop (we shaved his hair for nothing, because I totally forgot), and they have softer tipped pencils for marking (trust me, that makes a HUGE difference). In Houston, I swear they're nearly drawing blood with their pencils. On the downside though, the camera doesn't follow him around the room, so he's pretty much confined to bed. Not a big hit with the A-man! Also, unlike at TCH, there must be one parent awake at all times to watch for seizure activity. THE biggest downside! And one of the only things I can say I miss about getting them done in Houston. They let us all sleep!!! And when your kid is getting more tests done the following day...that's a big deal! I think I'm also spoiled to the private rooms at TCH too. ;)

He's finally resting now. Hooked up for 10 hrs before he would actually go to sleep. And after the crazy night last night...I can't believe it took him so long to go to sleep. And it never fails, about 15 minutes into real, honest to goodness sleep -the first wink of sleep for him in 12 hours- they come to get vitals!!! I talked her out of the blood pressure, he would be blowing raspberries and trying to get up as I'm typing otherwise because no doubt that would've been a definite wake up. lol

So, the plan is...get down to PET scan around noon tomorrow and hopefully back to hotel by 4 or 5pm for the night. We'll see Dr. C Friday at 1pm and will be flying out the same evening. What were we thinking??? Uh, saving money...not our sanity! lol

By the way, not even thinking about getting into what my expectations are for our visit here...besides the obvious of getting some answers. The less I talk about it, the easier I'm handling the wait and unknown until Friday.


devon said...

Praying for you guys!

blogzilly said...

OH yeah...should have remembered to warn you about that, and it slipped my mind, you have to stay in that one area in Detroit for the EEG. Restricted movement is the hardest part.

Hope the answers are forthcoming and GOOD.

Holli said...

Ken, I totally forgot myself. Ugh. Of course, the first one we had there Austin had a major cold and didn't really even want to get up. I'll post soon on what we found out.

Devon, Thank you!! :)