Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gotta love a Friday night in the ER...

Austin and Daddy in the ER

WARNING: Those with a weak stomach (Erin!)...look away!

We've had quite a share of mishaps over the past couple weeks. Need I mention Ike? Oh, then the double-whammy ear and eye infections...followed by diarrhea from the antibiotics...a rise in spasms...could we handle any more surprises??? Ahhh, but just to test our patience, we were thrown another curve ball...a two day break in diarrhea only to be followed by even more mysterious poo! I tell you what, if some ever told me I would be a poop-inspector when I had a baby, I would have fallen over. Can't you just picture me, foul diaper in hand, squinting to inspect the smelly contents?? That was me on Friday. I will give you the condensed and edited story...

So Friday morning began with a recurrence of runny big deal, just needed a little more time for the antibiotics to wear off, I thought. Then a couple hours later, I found myself frantically calling his pediatricians office asking them if I needed to call an ambulance to come get my baby. I'll spare you the gory details, but to say the least, it was quite a scary diaper...okay, so I have to give you one yucky detail...a bit of blood, mucus-ey, and ohhhh the smell! The nurse I spoke to calmed me down and told me to patiently wait while she talked to his doctor. She said that since he was otherwise fine (no fever, no apparent abdominal pain, no vomiting, etc), that I could just come get some specimen cups for stool samples and bring them back on Monday. Ugh, the thought of poo being preserved in my fridge next to that box of leftover fried chicken...yikes! But, anything for my Austin...obviously!

To make a long story short, when it came time to take the sample, I was blown away at the amount of poo they needed! I had three different cups and a card to smear it all in, but there was a problem...not enough of it to go around! I ended up calling the on-call nurse, which based on protocol, she referred us to the ER.

Yay, our third ER trip in less than six months.

Thankfully, they were able to use some of the samples I had taken and ruled out any developing infection. And after about 7 hours in the ER we were finally released and ordered to have a follow-up visit with his pedi on Monday.

I'm relieved to say, it all seems fine for the moment. The doc says it may have been related to the antibiotics since it's not an infection. And, for the time being, I get to keep inspecting poo to make sure it's still normal.

Ahhh, motherhood!!! Gotta love it!


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aRtcHixX said...

I think you guys should qualifiy for some sort of group discount or small little parting gift at the VeRy least, eh??
(thanks for the
But, know that you are not alone...
I spent the weekend with my sis who took "a poo specimen" to is doctor with great concern!
The outcome: My nephew had swallowed and passed a small pebble! Allie was moritified in digging in poo and that he swallowed a rock....
She's laughs and says the same thing about Motherhood!!
How ya'll do it is a completel mystery!!!
Love ya!