Friday, September 19, 2008

Settling back in after Ike

Well, I guess I was wrong. Ike did make a turn for us, but thankfully, we didn't have the Rita-like damage here at home. After a trek across Texas running from Ike, we finally made it home yesterday safe and sound. Poor little Austin and Bailey had two evacuations in two weeks!! After the initial stress of the hurricane and evacuation, we ended up making the best of our time away from home. My precious Mom and Dad toted me, Austin, and Bailey to Fredericksburg, where we took in some awesome German food and a little shopping...Thank you guys, by the way. I don't know what I would have done without you!! Dad and I also got to check out an awesome WWII re-enactment while Mom hung back at the hotel with Austin. I hate that I crashed their already planned weekend away, but I am so grateful that they let me tag along so Chad could stay and work (at least he thought he would!).

So, after returning home -to NO POWER- some wonderful friends of ours let us invade their home (WITH POWER) so Austin could stay nice and cool! Thank you so much Scott, Teresa, and Miranda for making us feel at home and taking such great care of us!!

We continue to struggle with Austin's IS, unfortunately. I think the stress of the evacuation might have affected him because the spasms have really been on the rise. We also just got a confirmed eye & ear infection this morning to top it off! :( When it rains, it pours!!!

I am waiting right now to hear from the neurologist to see if we will be increasing his Keppra dosage. I'm so frustrated right now about that because I haven't seen the slightest improvement since we started it over three weeks ago. I really don't think it's going to be The One. Maybe the Vigabatrin?? We shall see....

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Jamie said...

Ohh so glad you made it thru storm! It was all over the news in CT and in my papers! whew!
Madie is just incresing her Zonegran so I feel you with meds..keppra did not help for us of luck getting settled back in..oh I looove the pic of Austin taking his stand! lol great!!
Jamie :)