Monday, February 2, 2009

Quick mention...

My strong-willed little one...

So, Nana came to the rescue this past weekend. I was desperate for relief. Chad's been working 7/12 nights, the yucky cold was making him restless, I was running out of ideas of how to entertain him while I was fighting off a cold myself, not to mention totally stressed about the Houston ordeal. She couldn't have come at a better time! I got a looonng bath and actually got to shave my legs and go to bed before midnight! Aaaahh, MY precious Mommy! The company was a nice change too!

But, like I already told her....she opened a can of worms!

Those grandmas sure know how to spoil a baby!

But, I'm grateful that she came. Not only did it give me much needed rejuvenation, but it showed me how quickly my little boy can catch on!

For several weeks now, Austin's been leaning over when he's in my arms every time we walk across his playroom (which we have to cross to get to his bedroom). I knew it was because he wanted down. I thought that was great that he connected the two. A lot of times, I would let him down and we would walk (while I held his hands) to wherever we needed to go. BUT, NANA! She pretty much let him down any time he wanted! She'd walk him ALL OVER...until she was literally sore! She started to hold his chest instead of his hands...which he oh-so-much-prefers! He thinks he's going solo! He likes to stop and touch the floor every time he reaches a new surface (rug, wood, carpet, etc). He gets so excited that he does a little jig, especially on the hard floor!

Now, EVERY TIME I pick him up he thinks he's got to get down and Nana walks him! I'm not complaining...yeah, it's a little more strenuous than just carrying him (which is not exactly light duty either), but I'm proud of him for letting me know what he wants. Sometimes he throws himself to the side so forcefully that he ends up nearly sideways on my hip! It's a sight! Although more work, it's a very welcomed sight!

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Shanna Grimes said...

Hi Holli,

Also a mom of a daughter with IS. We are working on a social network for parents and friends of the IS community. Please stay in touch. I will add you to my blog roll on our family blog.

Take care,