Friday, May 29, 2009


I posted on Tuesday about little Sophie having her surgery. That was only the first of a two part surgery.

Tuesday was grid placement (to see where the seizures are coming from).

Today, is the actual resection (of the seizure origin parts of the brain).

Her family and doctors need your prayers now more than ever.

We are hoping for the best! Hoping for as little removal as possible...and NO MORE STINKIN' SEIZURES!

And, by the way, if you haven't checked her mommy and daddy's blog, you should! They are constantly updating all of us anxious supporters...They have been so strong and so courageous this week. And Sophie? She's been quite the trooper herself!

Keep the prayers coming!


blogzilly said...

It's amazing the level of updates they are doing while all this is going on. I can only hope I am as prolific with it when it becomes 'our time', if it ever does.

It's mind-blowing to read all these updates but also I am glad they are getting feedback from all of us and support even though it is digital support I hope it helps, ya know?

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Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

I have never posted so much in my life. Never had time. I'm totally addicted. When I am in "technical" mode, I zone out. A break from my current reality. It is amazing how fast time passes. And I'm loving having all this time to go through old pictures and videos. I have never been one to post a lot of pictures or videos because it is way too time consuming...even though I love seeing everyone else's pictures on their blogs. Also, our cell phones don't work in the waiting room and I never want to be away too long because you never know when a doctor is going to pop in or when you are going to get an update.

Thanks for posting an update on your blog. I'm feeling all the love from you all!!!