Friday, October 16, 2009

60 Minutes, CURE, and epilepsy

This post was taken from a fellow IS parent/blogger. I'm only copying and pasting from the letter he received from CURE. You can read his entire post here.

We have some great news to share--on Sunday, October 25, 60 Minutes will feature an in-depth examination with Katie Couric of the problems and challenges of epilepsy. The segment will feature CURE and CURE founder, Susan Axelrod and her family.

CURE supporters around the country will be gathering at "viewing parties" for this program and we hope you'll join them by settling in front of your TV to watch. (If you'd like to host your own party, please call 800.765.7118.)

This is yet one more opportunity for all of us to raise awareness in this amazing year for epilepsy! Beginning with PARADE Magazine in February, we've enjoyed tremendous exposure in Newsweek and on CNN, MSNBC, the TODAY Show and Oprah's Dr. Oz radio show.

It's clear that momentum is on our side...this is our time to change the playing field and finally begin to make the difference we've been waiting for, for far too long.

Please help spread the word about 60 Minutes and make sure the voices of the over three million Americans suffering from epilepsy are heard loud and clear.

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I'll be watching. Hope you will be too.


Jamie said...

OMG Im so watching! :D

Jamie said...

OK Im just reading this now...the 60 min show sucked. 15-20 min on Epilepsy that is INCUREABLE!! and then on to Tyler Perry and how he gets dressed like a fat lady in his movies....WTF....I was pissed! and I saw NO one blogging about how bad it was! hello???? I got nothing from that lame story....:just sayin
still love ya Austin :)