Monday, October 5, 2009

This one's for Trevy

I read a little more than a handful of blogs. All by people I've connected with throughout this journey with Austin. Most of you understand this connection.

It starts by a common ground. Seizures. Monster seizures. Infantile spasm seizures. An automatic bond forms. Because we all truly know. We get it. But, sometimes that bond continues to strengthen. We see each other through mad seizure days. We celebrate new skills and triumphs. We give advice and compare notes. And console each other and try to give a boost when living with seizures seems unbearable. It's all of these things that keep us connected.

I've been following this one, Dear Trevor, for about a year now. I could give you a background story, but his mommy tells it much better than I ever could. Through her writing you can actually see her heart.

And right heart is exploding for them. Trevy (as she likes to call him) is in Detroit as I type. He had a PET scan today. For his brain surgery this week.

Tomorrow it starts. The grid placement. An invasive and more precise way to monitor the seizure activity. Then on Friday, October 9th, the resection begins. A subtotal hemispherectomy. Which we pray will leave this little boy seizure free!

Please remember this family this week. Say a prayer (or a hundred) for them.


baby trevor's mommy said...

Thank you Holli! I love you too, hon!


Colby said...

We are ALL following Trevor closely....Sounds like he may have just gotten his miracle!!!

I LOVE how you wrote about us "seizure parents"....There is nothing like that bond! BEAUTIFULLY said!!!