Monday, October 26, 2009


Well, the big day came and went. He's officially two as of Sunday. Two. Can't believe it, I really can't. This year has completely flown by. Yet, each day seems to drag on and blur into the next. Weird.

Honestly, the anticipation was much greater than the satisfaction it produced. Austin was not in the best of moods. At all. We had increased his Zonegran the night before the party, so he was groggy and over stimulated by the commotion. Not that we even had many people here. We chose to do a small, intimate celebration with just close family. Last year, having about 30 people cramped in my not so big house was a challenge. Visiting with friends and family I hadn't seen in a while, coupled with making sure everything ran smoothly, and not to mention the cranky birthday boy who had refused to take a nap prior...I think I was over stimulated! Anyway, small and toned down was the goal this year. I wanted to spend more time with Austin without worrying about making sure the chip bowl was full and that everyone had something to drink. It would have been perfect had Austin been a bit more alert. The seizures on Friday were horrendous which prompted me to make that tough decision. I had to choose between the seizures or alertness. The seizures won.

I don't think I got a single photo with a smile. But, that's okay. Next year will be better. I know it.

He didn't scream through "Happy Birthday" this year. That was a plus. I don't even think he got cranky at all. Another plus. But, he wasn't himself. He tends to keep inside his shell with people around...and then there's the increased med on top of that. After everyone left, he did perk up a lot. Playing with all his new goodies and running around his play room.

Sunday was his actual birthday. I wanted that day to be just the three of us (four if you count our dogger, Bailey:) We spent it playing with new birthday toys and relaxing with the birthday boy. Seizures were much better which kept the emotions in check. I wasn't sure how I would be in that department, which is why I chose to do his birthday party the day before. So that if I did have a meltdown, I wouldn't be raining on his party.

Another difference from last year. He was able to actually feed himself the cake rather than just smash it in between his fingers. What a sight! The boy was picking up half of it and cramming it in his mouth! Definitely dug it this time around. I think we had to dip his paci in the icing last year to calm his screaming. It worked. But, he wasn't even close to eating anything that wasn't pureed, so that was the extent of it.

So, all in all, it went well. Not as grand as I was imagining, but special and memorable nonetheless. He'll only turn two once and we did everything in our power to embrace and capture it.


Colby said...

Holli...Colby's birthday was yesterday too! We did the small family thing, too...My sis and her family were here, as was my mom and Shawn and his girlfriend...

I know what you mean about worrying about how things will go on "the day"....It is stressful, especially when you are changing meds in any way....

I LOVED the parties we USED to have when Colby was younger...We had about a dozen SN kids each year and it was great....But that was BEFORE seizures....Things changed after that....

LOVED the photos....Your boy is SO adorable with his cake....I know it was great to see him feeding himself the cake....PROGRESS!!!

And you are right....Next year will be even better!!!


JSmith5780 said...

Happy Birthday Austin!!!

Jamie said...

hee hee! love that blue frosting! Happy Birthday Austin!

baby trevor's mommy said...


I wish we coulda been there to hug you both!