Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Adios Keto

Little did I know that within an hour of publishing my last post, I would receive a call from Austin's dietitian saying it's okay to DISCONTINUE KETOGENIC DIET!!!

I had placed a call earlier this morning to report his trace ketone readings (she told me once I started seeing trace to no ketones we could probably discontinue). Of course she had to check with the keto team leader first, so I was skeptical that today would be the day.

The above photo shows just a few of our (former) daily necessities. I really wanted to put the scale under the wheel of my Pathfinder and put into Drive...But, what the heck, it may come in handy one day. lol

Goodbye weighing, and restrictions, and scraping every last bite. Goodbye greasy bottles and bowls and an endless sink of dishes!! Goodbye heavy cream, gobs of butter, and oily messes!!

Hello flexibility, munching, and MILK!! Hello Goldfish, and Teddy Grahams, and Cheerios!! Hello pancakes, and grilled cheese, and peas!!

Tonight's dinner has GOT to be good. But, I have NO CLUE what I will be making him! Too many possibilities!

I do know that lunch was a hit. That first bite of grilled cheese stirred up some major giggles! He actually got so excited that when he finished the few pieces I put on his tray, he reached over for the plate on the table. To the floor it went (of course I had my camera in one hand so I couldn't catch it in time). Bailey was happy. lol Thankfully, I had made myself one and hadn't started it yet. He's taking a big chunk of mine in the photo. :)


Jamie said...

Im so jealous already! lol What a joy that picture is! Love Love it! He is SO BIG!!

JSmith5780 said...

SO HAPPY for you!!

happy's mommy said...

I could never bring myself to try Keto. I suppose because I really don't know many that it's benefited. And Trevy's little life was filled with so many seizures stealing away his joy...I didn't want to take away french fries too!


All that to say...HOORAY! Can't wait to hear what you choose!