Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playing Catch Up!

It's been entirely too long since my last post! We have been running around like crazy for a week! My "normal" day was short-lived...

I'm not sure where to begin...can't remember where I left off!

I know the first thing that had us tied up was my high school reunion Saturday...ugh, just another reminder that I'm not 18 anymore!! It was great, but the leading up to it was quite stressful (not that I contributed to the planning) know, the hair, the make-up, the outfit...gotta hide the fact that I've in fact aged since these people last saw me! Austin got to go stay with his Nana and Pawpaw, so Chad and I actually got an entire night out! It was nice, we haven't "went out" in ages. Not that he doesn't ever visit the grandparents, but we usually hang back at home and try to catch up on rest!

I think I mentioned before that Austin is having more of the yucky poo. Well, I submitted more stool samples last Monday and got the results Friday. Not blood...WHAT?? I'm no genius, but one thing I do know...that was NOT berries or beets in his diapers! I really have little confidence in the lab that did the analyzing to tell you the truth. They are awful. They've made three different errors with his blood work...I've even called their HR to complain before. Bottom line, I'm not counting on that to be accurate. I decided to drop the argument about the blood findings and just wait until our gastroenterologist appointment...which was yesterday.

I'm as confused as ever now. All the lab results were out of whack (from the ER and last week's), so I got to collect EVEN MORE last night. It's triple-bagged in the fridge right now as we speak! His idea is that it is, in fact, related to the antibiotics he was on for the ear infection. He called it Lactobacillus GG. The newest stool sample should either confirm or rule that out. We'll see. I really thought they tested for bacteria already...We go back in two weeks, and if nothing can be identified from the sample, then he will have to be scoped. I seriously hope that doesn't have to happen.

Oh, and we had quite an interesting night Monday. Austin threw all his meds up so I had to creatively find another method to re-dose. It was a disaster! That stuff DOES NOT dissolve well in liquid, but I was afraid to give him anymore solids. We did the best we could, but he still didn't get it all. He woke at 4 am with a cluster of about 50 spasms. I haven't seen one like that in a while. He gradually improved as the day went on, so that was a relief. I was terrified that it would be another one of those setbacks where he wouldn't easily recover. So far, so good though.

He's also stepping like a maniac! I still can't call it walking, but he's getting better and better! He's also showing a little more interest in his toys and interacting with people. I'm getting more and more smiles now that aren't related to spasms. I just hope he keeps it up. Especially since he'll be having his big one year birthday party this weekend! I really really want him to enjoy it. My biggest fear is that he will be withdrawn through the whole thing. I'm trying to relax a little and get exited about it though, rather than worry about what hasn't even happened yet.

I'm going to try to improve my posting habits! It's been tough with the busy days and long nights! Austin has been a bedtime protester lately, so I'm usually beat when he does finally go to sleep!

Oh, just realized that today was my original due date with Austin! It seems like it was yesterday...that anticipation was killer! Soooo hard to believe it's been a year!


baby trevor's mommy said...

wow...lots of poo talk! lol Austin looks SO big! Like a big kid! He'll be walking in no time...and then it's look out mommy!


jamie said...

LOL what a kid! Soo big!
MAdie did the SAME thing spitting up her meds..and the next day was a bad seizure day..The Nuero folks(nurse gals) told me that if it happens again to wait 30 minutes and give full dose...Illll remeber that...ugh. Maybe its a good sign that ZONE-gran is doing something...Does it make Austin sleepless??? I cannot get Madie to sleep! she is just grumpy and sleepy but noo way does she sleep for long periods of time...
50 spasms!!? Ohhh man....:(
I cant imgaine...Madie always did singles..only once when she had an ear infection and was feverish she had a bad cluster..and when I look back on that night she did that I was oblivious to the fact that they were seizures!!! freaks me out.
hangin in there.
I agree that kid will be walking soon!! "kid proof the house!" lol