Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My love affair with EMAIL! ;)


Those of you closest to me and that have known me a while, probably know that I seem to have lost a little of my backbone over the years. For reasons still unknown to me, I tend to be much more sensitive these days to people's reactions, judgements, comments, perceptions...oh the list goes on! This situation we're in with Austin has been kind of like my moment of truth. Can I overcome this self-proclaimed handicap and get my baby the treatments he needs and deserves? Well, I have yet to confidently say that the struggle is over. But, I have found a tool that is helping me!

EMAIL! It's truly a wonderful invention! There's not that person-to-person awkwardness, no questionable tones to decipher, and I can spill my guts without hesitating...AND, I've got my computer to hide behind!

I've never been known for my people skills, but it's gotten even worse lately. When I talk to doctors, I get distracted by my next question or forget my questions altogether, I let the conversation get diverted, and I NEVER remember clearly what has been said...because I'm trying to remember to remember everything...and I forget!

Email lets me say what I want to say and get a response I can refer back to! Genius!!

Don't even ask me why it took so long to do this!

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aRtcHixX said...

You have finally discovered one of the main reasons I'm such a computer junkie!! Seriously, I'm the same way - I find confidence and a self esteem that disappears the second my hands lift from the keyboard. It's liberating, but puzzling - why it can't carry over the next day or something in real social settings, right?
But, as cliche' as this my sound - I see so much more strength and backbone in you...more and more with every uphill climb you guys have!
Your Lil' Man is the love of your life and willing his Mom just like his feet!! (easier said than done **grins**, but you both keep trying and that's AWESOME!!!)
Love ya girl!