Saturday, November 15, 2008

Antsy, Pantsy

Okay, now...c'mon...

We're going on a week now...

What's the hold up?

Surely it's not STILL sitting in NY!

I'm crossing my fingers that USPS is merely failing to update tracking info for the vigabatrin that's supposed to be on it's way to us. No news since it arrived in NY on Nov. 9. I'm not familiar with international shipping and how the customs procedure works...Hope there's not a problem there.

Al, with her optimism, tries to reassure me that it's only a technical glitch...that it's on it's way and will show up at my door any day now.

I can't take the suspense any longer! Now that we have other avenues to pursue, I'm ready to get this stuff going. I'm dying to find out, once and for all...if this is it. THEN, I will know whether or not to cancel the MRI in December and make an appointment in Detroit. If OUR hospital can't get us in for two months, I can't imagine what the wait must be like for Dr. C's! BUT, that's only if the vigabatrin doesn't work. SOOOO, we need that stuff NOW, so we will know by then. These seizure meds are always a test of patience to give them time to do their takes dosing tweak-age, time, and sometimes even creative cocktails of different meds before you really know. I just hope Mr. Doom and Gloom ES guy knows his vigabatrin!


baby trevor's mommy said...

Oh gosh...and so much hope in route too!

We're "supposed" to start with the Vig soon...although we were going to use Master's Marketing...but I haven't been able to talk with a live person yet! Ugh!'s hoping for both our boys! *smile*


Jamie said...

Ohhhh this kid...looks so pooped :(
Spasms are so draining....:( :(
Im thinkin about you kiddo..hang in there...soon all those yucky drugs will be gone and you will have the ONE that works.
Jamie and Madie.