Monday, November 17, 2008

Beyond Words

It's here!!!! The vigabatrin is here!! (Ali, you were right!!!)

Now, the only problem...getting the epilepsy clinic to return my phone calls! I've been calling since 11 am this morning to get them to fax an updated script to our won't cover the Zonegran refill until they confirm that the dosage was increased by the doctor. That's about right. I've called them about 6 times today. And just now, I realized that it's getting near 5 pm...I hurried to call them again...they're closed! Go figure. No word...nothing. I told them when I called the last time that I needed dosing instructions on the vigabatrin too. What kind of hospital is this? I was simply needing a nurse to call me! It takes like five minutes! C'mon!

But, I will definitely keep you all *posted* on this one...If it's gonna work, I hope it works fast! Man, wouldn't that be awesome!!! I'll let you know...IF I ever hear back from Houston!

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