Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I just couldn't resist the urge to tell you all what ended up happening with the epilepsy clinic and the helmet ordeal...

I decided yesterday to give them the benefit of the doubt. Instead of stalking them by phone yesterday wanting to talk to someone, I tried to be see if they would actually call me back. Well, of course they didn't yesterday, so I kept my cell on the nightstand last night in case of an early am call. Still nothing, so I called back at 9:30.

The lady who answers looks up our info and says, "Oh, she mailed you a script for the helmet."




The last thing I was told yesterday when I called was that someone would be calling me shortly to discuss our options in helmets. Hmmm. I guess they just assumed that I would wait patiently while my child is constantly hitting his head and just figure it out when we got the script in the mail! That still doesn't help me much.

I could go into a lot more detail on this one and why it's making my skin crawl, but I think you all get my point without all the nonsense.

Bottom line...

Those people are unbelievable! Eeerrrr.

We gotta get a new team!

BUT, besides all that...

Austin is doing well. We had our first increase of the vigabatrin last night. I haven't seen too many spasms...Maybe 3 or 4 so far. It's close to 11 am now, so we will see as the day progresses. So far so good though!

I think he's cutting several teeth right now which is making him SUPER loud! He's trying to tear into everything in sight! So funny to see him try to stick his whole fist in his mouth!

Unless something major happens between now and Friday, I doubt I will have a chance to get on here much. We're doing 2 days of Thanksgiving! Why didn't we start doing this sooner?? Oh, wait because of me! Miss traditional (me) just couldn't stand to have turkey on any other day but Thursday! Now, I'm thinking how much easier it's going to be on everyone to divide it up. No having to eat and run on to the next family!

So, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! And forget about those diets!!


baby trevor's mommy said...

Okay you convinced me...I'm totally losing the diet for the rest of the week! *wink*

I'm also crossin' my fingers that the increase keeps working magic for Austin...and gang!



Jamie said...

I am in Turkey Coma today...its only 7 and I am ready for bed. I could not help but do the ol check up on Austin...
That is pretty crazy about the helmet!
Are U currently increasing Vigabatrin?(sp?) Madie stiiiil has small seizures when she sleeps! when will this end?? gah!She is in great spirits...not so used to that!
Keep on truckin. We will be in touch I am sure :)!