Thursday, March 12, 2009

Homebound (today)

I seriously thought we were in Spring mode...a good consistent week in the 70s. The weather's been so pleasant that I thought it'd be a breeze getting all my errands done at the last minute...

Guess I was wrong! :)

We got hit with a cool front yesterday which has made today one of those days where you just want to lounge in your jammies and channel surf. Cold, cloudy, rainy...I don't mind those days when I have nothing to do...But, considering we leave Saturday afternoon for Detroit, and I have NOTHING in place besides's freaking me out!

Today was supposed to be buying day for last minutes and tomorrow would be packing day. Not happening!

We'll get it all done though...just a little later than planned!!

This will probably be my last chance to post until we get back...

Here's the plan:
Leaving Saturday
VMR on Monday
PET scan on Tuesday
MRI on Wednesday
Dr. Chugani on Thursday!
Back home on Friday

Please remember little Austin in your prayers...this is going to be one long week and we are really praying that this trip will shed some light on his condition.

I will post the first chance I get when we return...
Until then...
Wish us luck!!


JSmith5780 said...

We will definitely be thinking of you next week!! I hope you get lots of good information.

Tell the nice weather to come back. We are headed to TX (Canyon Hills) on vacation in two weeks and I am COUNTING on nice weather. I need a break from the cold in the NE!!!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Praying for you guys!

ps...I'm not sure if it would benefit you...but I've heard that the Epilepsy Foundation has funds avialable for families like your's that need to travel for treatment? I've never used that particular I'm not sure of the dynamics. But maybe it would help??

Best sweetie!


Jamie said...

I wish so much that you get a light on this! Oh man...jammed week! I know we are still at a stump with Madie...:(.. Im about ready to travel anyplace now!
Hugs from Madie. :P