Friday, March 6, 2009

VMRs and Puffs...


Dr. Chugani reviewed the denial letter from insurance. I don't know for sure his actual comments, but shortly after Sarah told me she gave it to him, she emailed me back saying we need to do an urgent appeal. I'm gathering he thinks it's necessary. If only our insurance felt the same way!

She asked me for more specific, when was the last EEG or VMR? And, have the seizures changed in frequency or presentation?

I put it all out there...and within a couple minutes she sent me an email saying she thought that was really good information and to cross our fingers.

We're still up in the air on travel arrangements. I just asked her if he would still want us to come even without the VMR. She's asking him and thinks probably so since we can still do the PET and MRI. I hate cutting it so short, but if our whole trip gets the ax because of this one test, I'd like to be on the safe side. We'll see what he says.



Yesterday was a big day for us! For the very first time, Austin fed himself a Puff that I put on his high chair! It's usually the same thing...I'd put it down, he'd have a blast playing with it, but he'd never connect that it was food and eat it. Bigger stuff he'd always put in his mouth (teething biscuits, etc.). Not this time...the very first one I put down, he just picked it up and ate it just like it was nothing. Poor thing, probably thought his Mommy was a crazy person...I was clapping and cheering like he'd gone potty on the toilet or something! It was a big deal though!
Not only was it huge that he got it in his mouth, but the CHEWED it without any problems. I've always been scared to give him a whole one...But, we worked on it in OT Wednesday, so I finally got the nerve. I guess I underestimated the little guy!

I just found out that Dr. Chugani still wants to see Austin regardless of the VMR. Looks like we're going! I better get on those tickets! :-D


Jonathan said...

crossing fingers for you guys & your Detroit adventure!

and that WAS a huge event! I remember going crazy when Trevy fed himself the first time too. Oh...and clapping was an even bigger celebration! My mom says we all go crazy like he's my first! *smile*


JSmith5780 said...

One thing I have learned is NEVER underestimate our kids :)

Hope Detroit works out. Thank goodness they are helping out so much with the insurance and stuff!