Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Step 2 in full swing!

You may recall a post I made a while back about my new step program for Austin.

We (or I, rather) have been stuck on Step 1 ever since.

But, I'm happy to announce that Step 2 (which consists of giving Austin freedom to roam certain, non-carpeted areas of the house) is now a part of our day! I decided to take that step for several reasons...

1. Austin seems more in tune with his seizures. He's starting to have a pre-seizure/cluster behavior. Aura maybe? Dunno. But, it's definitely becoming more evident to me. What's more, he sits well in advance for some as well. So...I thought maybe he would be okay on the non-carpeted areas.

2. There's no keeping this boy behind make-shift barriers made of pillows and blankets anymore! He will climb a mound nearly his height!!

3. His balance has improved tremendously. He used to take the hardest spills that would leave him crying on carpet. I couldn't imagine him falling on the hard floor...without knee and elbow pads! It's still a bit unsteady...but very much improved.

So, what I've done is added a gate in one hallway and I put his play yard in another doorway that leads into the other living area where the fireplace is. Now, he has free reign over his play room and the kitchen, and I can see him everywhere.

It has made a world of difference. In me. And in him. He gets to see areas of the house from a new prospective...a 2' 10" prospective to be exact!! Instead of from my hip! I do let him walk freely in other areas, but not without me. The gate and play yard barriers create a space for roaming. Just his other area expanded a bit. More to see. More to burn that energy!!

Another change I've made is slowly making some of his toys accessible again. The ones that made me crazy before. Some of the ones made of hard plastic that haven't seen the light of day in months are now a major interest to him. It was like buying new stuff...without spending a penny! Some were either blocked by safety guards (pillows, stuffed animals, or his ballpit was my favorite way to block the bigger ones) or simply put away in his room. Anything hard or tall...forget it. I just kept fearing he'd whack his little noggin from a seizure. But since re-introducing them, I'm happy to say there have been no injuries. I don't really expect there to be either (although one is still driving me nuts -but he is loving it way too much for me to take it away again). His helmet actually gives him ample protection. It's just taken me so long to work up the courage to let it happen.


blogzilly said...

Love the improvements in the program...and love the new blog layout. SO much easier to read. Nice.

Liz said...

Every time I read about Austin and all he is doing, I think to myself, next stop: helmet for Maddie. But for some darn reason, I can't pull the trigger. I feel like in my head, buying the helmet is just accepting are current status quo seizure-wise, and I so don't want to do that......and I keep telling myself she won't wear it.

But it is for her own protection and to give her more freedom. And I know that. I just have trouble remembering it.

Soon. I mean it this time. And thanks for helping me get there. Hearing about Austin's newfound freedom makes me happy. Thanks!

baby trevor's mommy said...

I'm SO happy that his seizures are easier to manage right now! It really does make a difference...in how we live. And it's SO important for our little ones to be able to explore and learn and enjoy the world around them!