Monday, December 13, 2010

In photos

I gave a very long and ramble-y rundown of our past Christmases and traditions in my last post. Kind of depressing if you ask me! I was definitely feeling the heat of the holidays and stressed to the max over my super high expectations.

I've caught my breath now. And exhaled. ::smile::

And I'm ready to enjoy this to the fullest extent. It's far from what I imagined, and certainly not how I hoped it would be. But, it is what it is.

Now, for our Christmases past and present...the fun way! In photos!

Bailey's first Christmas 2006
When Chad was the only brown eyed boy in my life and my only 'child' had four legs. Yes, I was even the crazy dog lady back then!

Austin's first Christmas 2007
He was two months old. I was still sporting the baby weight, and never in my life was I more sleep deprived!

Austin's 2nd Christmas 2008
I had to learn to get creative with the photos since telling him to smile and him actually doing it were out of the question. Lots of fun, but definitely hard work.

Austin's 3rd Christmas 2009
This one was rough. He didn't want to do anything but get up and walk. That Bailey, though, she'll sit as long as you have a treat nearby.

Austin's 4th Christmas 2010
Yep, I decided to go ahead and do photos this year! We haven't done the portraits yet, but we're planning on it anyway. These aren't what I'm using for cards...More of a glimpse of the process of getting a wiggly toddler to stay put, smile, and look at the camera -all at the same time no less! It didn't go over that well, but I was able to find a few that will work.


blogzilly said...

Well would you look at found some spirit after all.

I'm proud of you, kid.

Lemme guess. You had a tall glass of FusioNog, didn't you? Confess!!!

JSmith5780 said...

What a fun trip down memory lane :)