Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's not official yet...

But, we have a tentative date set for the surgery.

January 13.

That is...if we can get everything all in alignment for that particular day. Our neurosurgeon's schedule coordinator lady is supposed to be letting me know fairly soon whether this is actually going to happen. He will be traveling the first week or so of January and won't be back until the 10th. She said she never schedules surgeries for him on his first day back (thank goodness), and we need another clinic visit to discuss the procedure and ask questions (yes, what we should have done at the appointment in November). So, that leaves the 13th. Pending O.R. and imaging availability of course.

I'm annoyed -as usual. We still don't know about the corpus callosotomy and I practically had to stalk her to get this info. Call me demanding, but I really sort of expected them to get this lined up in the very beginning. You know, see what's available and call me. Not, get yet another run around where I feel like I have to stay on top of them and make them do it. Yes, I know there's a lot involved in a procedure of this magnitude -staff, OR, imaging, etc. But, this is not my job. I shouldn't have to keep calling to check in to see if it's been done. I shouldn't be sitting here worrying that she's not getting everything in order and we may lose that slot. I am ready to get this behind us.

Anyway...that's all I know.

And as a side thought...

Why couldn't Austin have flashed just one of these cutsie smiles while we were getting portraits yesterday???


blogzilly said...

I'd be annoyed as well. But that sounds very typical, doesn't it?

Cool pic.

JSmith5780 said...

That is so frustrating. This is the biggest decision of your lives and you shouldn't have to deal with the scheduling details!

Thanks for the Xmas card! Love the pic on here today too.