Sunday, January 16, 2011

Post-Op Photos (Days 2-3)

Consider yourself warned! The photos are actually not bad at all though. They will probably tug at your heart more than your stomach. But, it's a warning nonetheless...just in case you're eating. Or not prepared. I don't think it's bad at all really. Much cleaner than I expected, honestly.

Day 2

The incision is much larger than I expected. They also shaved much more than I expected. A comb-over won't even work here. Neither will a mohawk. We're wishing we would have had them shave his whole head.

Finally holding (and wanting) his bottle.

Day 3

The swelling has increased, but it's actually not as bad as I thought it would be. He's a little puffier right now (no photo), but still not what I expected.

I just had to snap this one. He's been watching the TV for a couple hours here. He's never paid any attention to the TV for more than a couple minutes before. I'm not saying he's taken a liking to TV overnight, but it was something I've never seen and had to capture it to remember.


happy's mommy said...

Just another little "remind me of Trevy" moment...

Before surgery I don't think Trevy ever even noticed the tv. After surgery he'd lie in bed, like Austin, and watch for hours. Eventually...once he was up and at em' dialed down some. But he'll still snuggle me up after a nap and watch PBS for awhile...

it's sweet.



JSmith5780 said...

Holli- he looks SO good. I'm sorry for the seizures you are seeing but focus on the decrease and go from there. He's better than he was and that's critical for him to learn and progress!


Colby said...

Holli....I am following Austin's progress and am so encouraged! He looks so much better than I thought he would! LOVE the watching TV thing....That is so good....He'll get there...Y'all just keep doing what you are doing....

It is so hard for me to even BEGIN to imagine how you are dealing with this, not having gone through it myself...I am so thankful for friends like Danielle, Elaine, Ken, etc., that can speak from that place and offer more...

Love y'all and praying throughout every day!


aRtcHixX said...

Hey girl!!
The pics of Austin are amazing!!
He looks so good and seems to have a lot of eye contact - awesome stuff!!
All of the things of heard and am reading from you sound encouraging and are like little hurdles!
The picture of him watching television so soon after such a big thing for any person - especially a little man his age is defintely a memory to cherish!
I love you guys!!