Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The rundown...

We are finally finally all scheduled and set for next week. Here's how it will play out..

We'll leave Tuesday for the first of three appointments to take place that day:

Tuesday, January 11
11:30 am
Clinic visit with neurosurgeon to discuss details of surgery and ask questions

1:30 pm
MRI-images to be used during surgery

3:00 pm
Pre-op -Labs and medical history will be taken in preparation for the surgery

We don't have anything scheduled for Wednesday at the moment. We'll most likely stay in Houston though just to keep us from driving back and forth two days in a row.

Thursday, January 13
6:00 am
Arrive for surgery

8:00 am

Of course, there are many more details to come. Details of the surgery itself and duration, ICU time, and recovery time are some of the specifics I will get during our clinic visit next Tuesday. I was told that the surgery is expected to last about 8 hours (but after the callosotomy debate, I'm not sure now), ICU for at least 24 hrs, and inpatient recovery 3-5 days. I'm still uncertain about the callosotomy, so depending on which way it goes, all this could change. There will be mapping prior to surgery, however, I don't think they are doing grids. Again, all this will be covered on Tuesday.

My dear and generous husband has me ready to go as far as gadgets to keep me occupied and in touch. Since Austin was born, I've been quite the homebody -not needing anything more than your basic cell phone. I didn't even want a data package on my phone when my upgrade came a few months back. As long as I had my desktop, I was happy. Then, we started really imagining the possibility of surgery, and I told him a laptop would helpful. I think it took him a while to understand my deep need to update and to document this, because he kept saying I have a cell phone to keep everyone up to date...Maybe it was just his bluff, because he surprised me with a netbook and a new mp3 player with WiFi for Christmas! Not only that, my mom also contributed to my electronic stash with a GPS -also with WiFi and internet. So...I'm covered in that department! I have no excuse not to update now. I'm not sure how often I will be able to, but I will definitely make sure someone does. And like I said, we have nothing on Wednesday, so I should have time to at least cover our discussion with the neurosurgeon thoroughly.

By the way, I cannot believe that we were able to get all those appointments on the same day. And I even found out a day early...without having to call them! That totally blew my mind. Now, Chad can work that Monday to cover the health insurance for the week. I can finally breathe about that! :)


Jamie said...

I am really freaking out for you right now...I have no idea what fears may be going thru your mind now. I can only say that if I was in your shoes that I would want as much encouragement as possible and as much good kharma and prayers as I can get. Sooooo I will send some from my small town Ct (canton)...I hope that all goes well...I can only get teary eyed when I think of another child being granted Seizure freedom as I try to grant my own child this...
I wish we lived closer. I would love another "seizure mom" near me. stay strong. Keep us (ME) posted.(((hugs)))

blogzilly said...

How many family/friends do you have at your disposal to make the journey with you? Gadgetry aside, this will be the most important asset you will need.

Human beings, make sure you have them en masse to help you.

I will of course have nothing to offer but mental energy. Which sucks, obviously. If I could afford the air fare I'd fly down there for support but being for the most part unemployed kind of blows.

Holli said...

Jamie -Thanks so much. We're definitely hoping this is what we've been waiting on, but our doctors have said several times, it may not be the case. They are confident it will help, and they definitely think this abnormality needs to be taken care of, but chances for 100% seizure freedom aren't that high. Of course, if I didn't still hope, I don't know if I could do it.

Ken -I never meant to put that much emphasis on the gadgets. Sure, nice to have, but was mainly commenting on how my crazy husband can surprise me when I least expect it. I thought he was annoyed with my wanting a way to update, but I guess he did understand my control freak side a little more than I thought. lol But, to answer your question, there should be lots of family and friends there for support. And hey, I could definitely use some of that mental energy too! :)

blogzilly said...

Holli, I wasn't inferring that the gadgets were getting too MUCH emphasis by you at all. I just was curious if you had enough familial support IN ADDITION to that. You NEED the gadgetry too, trust me. Been there, done that, and my laptop and stuff was vital.

Just making sure you had enough bodies too.