Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thank you, Houston

It's no secret to anyone I know personally.


Hate it. With a passion.

Of all the cities in Texas, I hate Houston the most. The traffic, the air, you name, I don't like it. I hate that our hospital is there. I hate that we live in such a huge state that it's the closest one to us and it's still two hours away. Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Ft Worth...hate the drive, don't mind the cities. I've never liked Houston. Even when it didn't spell S-E-I-Z-U-R-E-S to me. It was never a place I cared to visit. Now, after all we've been through there, it will probably be forever tainted in my mind. Reminding me of pain and lost dreams.

Back when I was younger and still had my passion for music, we'd go on a semi-regular basis for concerts. I hated it then, but it was tolerable. I was going for something I loved. I wouldn't even know where to begin to count the concerts I've been to there. Started going when I was 15 and continued until my crazy work hours and the weekday concerts ruined it in my 20's. I think the last time we tried to pull off a weeknight concert, we got in a wreck coming home. Ruined that. Okay, that's off topic. Anyway, my point is, so many people venture over there for all the city has to offer...Entertainment, great shopping, food, the zoo, museums. We never go for pleasure anymore. It's the last place we want to go.

Nope, we've made countless trips to Houston, but not for something we love -or even like. We go for something we loathe -the children's hospital. We go so that Austin can get testing done, blood drawn, and electrodes glued to his scalp. We have to go to hear doctors tell us he will probably never be a normal kid. So, no. We don't exactly get the urge too often to go for the heck of it. We hate it. And it's just too flippin' far and we're usually too exhausted to go for fun anyway. Having a special needs child will do that to a person.

But, for the first time in a loooong time, I'm so thankful to be going to Houston. I'm thankful for that two hour drive for once. So very very thankful we will be close enough to home that our family and friends can be there with us. I can't imagine the surgery being anywhere else. If it would have been in Detroit, we would likely be going alone. I know some of my family will be heading over Wednesday evening and possibly some of Chad's. My best friend is even planning on flying in from Dallas to be there with us. I couldn't ask for a better support system to be with us through this (you beat me to it, Ken -lol).

So, yeah, even though I'm dreading this upcoming trip, having the most special people in my life surrounding us as we endure this most excruciating ordeal, makes the thought of Houston seem...not so bad this time around.

And although the gadgets will be a nice distraction, nothing can replace the need for emotional support and encouragement.

Eight days...

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