Friday, May 29, 2009

Hands On

This week has been filled with exploration, joy, and renewed hope.

Austin has been functioning (uh, that's the word our therapists use, I like "working") more toys than I've ever seen before!

And it's not just making the toys's the level of interest he's shown. Period.

A few months ago, our OT timed how long it took him to initiate play with a toy. Seven minutes he roamed around aimlessly.

It's more like seven seconds this week!

Not only that, he's manipulating them in such a purposeful manner. A push of a button is sometimes accidental for him. But, spinning, pulling, sliding, different switches is no accident!

It may seem like a small deal to some. But, for us, every single little push, spin, or slide is cause for excitement.

I love to see those little hands working!

Taking a break...Man that playing is hard work!

Can't forget what a pro is he becoming at self feeding. He can pick up every last crumb!
It's pretty tough these days to get many facial expressions of him. He's always on the go...I usually have to get those in his high chair!
And, although I didn't get any photos, he was able to use his sippy for the entire course of dinner yesterday! We've been struggling with that from day one. IF he showed any interest in trying himself, he couldn't quite figure out to tip it up enough to get something out. He's been up and down with interest/functioning since September of last year. Still needs work, but this is the best he's ever done.
AND, he's been making yet another new sound! He's been blowing on his hands...or sippy cup...or whatever he can find to put up to his mouth! Hilarious! I need to get him a horn or something before he quits! Ooh, or maybe something to blow bubbles!
I heard the weather is supposed to be nice this weekend...Hopefully Monday I'll have some fun pool pictures to post!
By the way, forgot to mention. He's pitching fits again! Sounds horrible, I know...But it's really really REALLY great that he's doing this again! He's expressing his opinion. It's at appropriate times or I'd be worried, because it's not like him at all to cry. He cries when he sees his bottle and wants it...or sees his bib and doesn't want it! He's grabbing and holding my arms when he doesn't want down. That has NEVER happened. EVER! I honestly don't know what is causing this change. He started this the day before Klonopin so I know it's not that. But, the fact that it's continued since then is a relief that the new med is not hampering this. I'm just praying that it continues as we increase the dosage.


JSmith5780 said...

Awesome! Such great developmental steps he's taking!

Definitely get him some bubbles :)

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Way to go Austin. You remind me so much of myself and Sophie. I remembered when I celebrated Sophie's first temper tantrum. I treasured it. Sounds weird to most but it melted my heart. Our big moment was when Sophie put a ball into a big bowl. We tried for OVER A YEAR to get her to put any object of any size into any container of any size. She refused. Then one day, she just decided to do it. And within a week she was putting a circle into a shape sorter. This is very exciting times in your household. Wish I was there to celebrate with you. Keep it up Austin!!!

By the way, Sophie had that exact same helmet in pink.

blogzilly said...

Even small steps can get you where you need to be. Just takes a little longer. I love the photos, they really show how hard he is working at play and succeeding apparently. It's a great, hopeful post.

We had some speech therapy today, was talking to his therapist about you, Elaine, Jen, Danielle and all the other Mom's who share their children's journeys so openly. You all gotta know what it means to the rest of us. A ton.

baby trevor's mommy said...

kewl beans!

And Austin makes that helmet look SO flippin' cute!

I totally understand the joy over the little (to others) things! My mom says all the time that we celebrate everything Trevy does like he's my first. And it's SO totally true!


aRtcHixX said...

What a great batch of shots of him playing! He's interested in the door handle on the house...what a cool thing!
He looks like he's getting thicker hair as well!
Handsome little man!
Go Go Austin Man!!!