Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seizure diversion!

I've noticed from recent posts of mine, that seizures are the only topic of discussion. While this may be the main focus for having this blog, I tend to neglect mentioning our (and my) other happenings.

Like right now...Austin is practicing his new shrill squeal while he's supposed to be napping. It's such an ear-piercing yet delightful little noise! And at some point during this nap, I will inevitably be removing a teeny toddler foot from the crib slats! I found a "crib shield" that's designed to prevent this. I haven't ordered yet, but I'm guessing I will be soon!

Distraction #2?

Okay, first of all, do not judge me!! But, I have been watching American Idol this season. Well, not even all season...just since March. I had never ever seen an entire episode before and actually used roll my eyes at the whole thought of the show entirely. Our OT mentioned that there was a local guy competing and just went on and on about how great he was and that I should be watching and supporting him. I finally did...Although I didn't care much for him, I did find a new TV obsession! Every Tuesday and Wednesday night, after Austin's snugly tucked away and sleeping like a baby, I grab my Oreos and milk and reach for the remote. Even Grey's has taken a backseat to my new show! Anyway, to say the least, I'm geared up for tonight. I'll be watching (though doubtful in the voting window) and pulling for the underdog, Kris Allen. Adam's totally the favorite (at least with the judges) and undeniably talented, but three words...not my style!!


My hubby, Chad, will agree when I say I'm typically a no-frills type. (Which, I think, may be one reason he married me!)

I've never cared for expensive jewelry. In fact, I believe I've actually told him before not to waste a gift by getting me jewelry (because I don't like wearing it much). Occasionally, I'll wear simple earrings and maybe a necklace...and always my wedding band -my engagement ring is sadly tucked away due to the unfortunate lack of lost baby pounds.

But, when I saw Lisa Leonard's designs in a baby magazine recently, I knew I wanted one...And I made a subtle hint to Chad (i.e. a post-it by the computer with website info and four designs I could not choose between!) that it would make a perfect Mother's Day gift (since he ALWAYS asks me what to get!).

I fell in love with her designs because they are simple yet so charming...and every single piece is unique because they are all handmade. Better yet, most are customizable with so many different ways to make them even more one-of-a-kind.

I adored the "wishing star" necklace because of it's significance, but there were tons that caught my eye.

So, on Mother's Day I was presented with two little gift boxes from my Austin, my Chad, and my Bailey (my four-legged, furry dog-er -that's what we call her instead of daughter ;-)...

One with a "wishing star" necklace...the front stamped with "austin". The back stamped with "heal".

In the other (a total surprise -he picked this one out on his own), the "open circle" bracelet. On the front it has Austin's name and birthday...the back saying, "love. hope. heal."

I can't describe how priceless these pieces are to me -even though they're really not pricey at all.
I've never owned anything with such a personal meaning before.

I've worn them several times and just couldn't quit looking down to admire and smile at them. The best gift ever...

I'm already trying to figure out how I'm going to top this one for Father's Day!


This is the infamous Bailey (aka my shadow and stalker dog). She's rotten to the core and requires an energetic owner that doesn't mind being repetitively licked. She's been taken down a notch in the spotlight since Austin's arrival, but was probably the most documented dog in history before that (according to my dad). I think when Austin was born I had somewhere between 250-300 pictures of her. I realized my pampering had gone to extremes when she had her own Myspace. I somehow managed to migrate back towards reality where dogs don't wear clothes and have their own beds (we're still working on the bed thing. She still feels entitled to nestle comfortably in my bed with or without me)..

I swear, I think she forgets she's a canine sometimes! She sleeps with her head on the pillow and body under the blanket. What a sight!

But, she loves her Austin. She knows what the "Austin boundaries" are and very much respects him. The only problem is keeping her from licking him (especially when he falls down or bumps into her). It's weird...she's just protective I guess.

I can't wait for the day when Austin can entertain her and give me some relief!! :-)


Colby said...

Hey! I enjoyed your blog so much tonight! You are right...We ALL focus so very much on the seizures...I feel like "seizure" is my middle name! It was DEFIN-
ITELY a nice diversion...I don't think any one us focuses enough on our own mental and emotional health...It is so hard, though, when we are so preocuppied with watching and waiting...But we have got to keep trying, don't we? We ALL will benefit! Anyeay, thanks for giving me something sweet and fun to read at bedtime!!!

Colby's Mom

Colby said...

Sorry for all the mistakes on my previous post...I am on my laptop in bed, and I make WAY too many mistakes on it!!!

Colby's Mom

aRtcHixX said...

What a beautiful and meaningful Mother's Day gift!!!
I can't wait to see these in person - they look gorgeous!!!

aRtcHixX said...

you let Idol replace Grey's...LMAO

I don't blame you!!
and I still love you **giggleS**

JSmith5780 said...

Diversions are good.

I TOTALLY want Kris to win. I can't stand the screechiness to Adam's voice and I certainly can't watch his facial expressions while he sings! I got my votes in for Kris last night.

So who was the hometown person that was on the show?

Love the jewelry!!

blogzilly said...

It is super, SUPER important to have distractions, and yeah, all we tend to do when blogging is write about the seizures and how shitty it makes everything.

But talking about some of your passions is great, I was glad to see you have some...never watched Idol, can't stand it actually, but there are shows that can take me out of our Hell for an hour or two and those are GREAT.

Holli said...

Colby's Mom -I used to add more about our lives minus serious seizure talk...but ever since they started climbing, it's been pretty much all that's been on my mind. But between the seizures, he's such a happy little boy...totally worth mentioning, don't you think?!

Jen -Michael Sarver...He's from Jasper, TX. He got cut a while back but I think he was in the Top 10. Oh, and I managed to get a few votes in too! I agree with the facial expressions...can't decide whether or not he looks likes he crying or constipated! LOL

e. -We need to get together girl! Where have you been?? ;-)

Ken -Never thought I'd see the day when I was watching Idol!! But, I guess anything to take our minds off the nagging seizure reminders is a plus, right?

baby trevor's mommy said...

I laughed and sniffled all the way through this post! I love it! I feel like I know you so much more...and that we quite possibly may be sisters? After baby #3 I can't even grease my wedding band on any more...but one day I was walking through Penny's and saw this eternity band. A $10 cheapie. You know...wear it in the shower and it turns green? I bought it...and LOVE it! Happy to know I'm not the only girl out that doesn't need sparkly stuff! Oh...and I hated Chris at first. Now totally love him! Adam is just a bit too creepy for me...


Love you sweetie. Loved this post! And it's okay to have gloomy days...not that you need my word! *wink*


Holli said...

Danielle -Too funny...I'm totally surprised my wedding band still fits..the other -not so much..I remember one day when I decided it "fit" (meaning I could cram it on my finger). Bad idea. A soak in cold water, lotion, oil, butter, and an itchy red ring around my finger told me we weren't ready! LOL

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Ya...I've been all about the seizure thing on my blog too. Unfortunately, it is in the forefront of our lives right now.

I love the tiny little foot that sticks out under the bumper in between the crib slats. Makes me want to post a picture I have of Sophie doing this. But I LOVE baby feet.

I watch Idol too. I am rooting for Kris. But Grey's really pulled out all the stops the last few episodes...the season finale was so good!

I wear one necklace...my hubby bought it for me when I had Elsa. It has all 3 birthstones of our kiddos in it. I haven't worn my wedding ring since I was pregnant with Sophie...I think it is time to get it resized!!! What a sweet and precious gift your hubby got you!!!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Okay...so let me just put it out there as the "juicy" girl of the bunch...

I'm SO happy you guys have the ring not fitting issue too!

Makes me feel less "juicy" and more normal...*grin*

((((love you guys!))))


JSmith5780 said...

YAY Kris!!