Thursday, May 28, 2009


That's the answer I got when I called to check in on the lumbar puncture results.

Skewed. Inadequate sample. Blood in the sample. Necessary repeat.

I'm not even going there on incompetence. Not gonna do it. Our day was too positive to ramble on about the jerks at the hospital (more on that later).

We're not even considering a repeat at the moment. Maybe when the bruise fades on his tiny little hand from the first test, we'll talk about it.

We were just basking in the relief of finally getting it over with...after putting it off for six months!

I so so SO don't want to do this again! YUCK!


JSmith5780 said...

that STINKS! Is Austin having any tests under anesthesia in teh next few months? Like an MRI? That is when they did my Austin's.

blogzilly said...

That's bullshit. Sorry it didn't work out to give you results. It's crap that sometimes you feel like the people working on your boy are the Stooges.

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

UGH...Sophie went to the hospital to get blood drawn for 2 different tests. The orders were very straightforward listing both things she needed to be tested for. They only drew enough blood to test for one and we had to go back. I can't even imagine having to repeat a lumbar puncture!!! FRUSTRATING!!!

Colby said...


You just have to stay right behind them, don't you? It is AMAZING to me at who we have to entrust with some of our medical care!

Now, I am NOT referring to Colby's actual physicians AT ALL here...THEY are TOP KNOTCH!! There have just been some bad experiences with technicians and the like, though...And they look at us parents with disdain sometimes! There have even been times that I felt like they may have been rougher than they should have been with Colby because of his "condition"...YOu know, being so mentally delayed and all...But he CAN feel and he CAN be hurt, physically AND emotionally!!! JERKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't EVEN get me started! (Guess I already did....Oh well!)

I am SO sorry that the puncture will have to be repeated...Don't blame you for waiting....You ALL need a break after that experience!!!