Friday, May 22, 2009

Klonopin is underway

We needed a bit of good news this week. Thank goodness we found something to distract us while waiting on LP results....

NO Maple Syrup or any other underlying metabolic disorder found from the latest round of worry (this is not the results of the lumbar puncture -but the serum organic and amino acid tests from three weeks ago)!

Whewwww! I can't say I was surprised, but relieved is more like it. Thankful.

Now we just hold our breath for the LP results. This is a BIG one for us. BIG. It will rule out some devastating diagnoses.

PLUS...We got the Klonopin ball rolling. We started yesterday and so far okay. It's by far the easiest med to administer...Too easy. Just place on the tongue, and voila...done. Not too much in the way of seizure improvement or side effects just yet. Wait, wait, you know the routine.

AND...I have to second Jen and say YAY Kris!!! Now THAT was surprise! And another good distraction! I so enjoyed the finale too. Wasn't expecting all the bells and whistles having never watched an AI finale. Pretty cool.

Hope you all have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend! We will being doin the same ole...Chad's working and forecast calls for rain all weekend...bummer. Maybe one of these days weather will cooperate for us to get out the hippo pool for Austin. I'm dying to get some photos!


Colby said...


I hope the Clonipin will truly help Austin. It has done Colby alot of good. This was one of the many we have tried that actually helped some...Up until we started the Banzel anyway...His neuro,with his charming accent,always says "Colby likes Clonipin!" We have slowly worked our way up to a dose of 3 .5 mg. tabs/AM, 2 .5mg.tabs/lunch, 3 .5 mg. tabs/bedtime...He has no side effects...So good luck with this one....Maybe it will give some relief! It's possible...Let me hear....


Jamie said...

Clonopin disolvables? hey we had those! Before those we had yellow pils.. I cant say that madie was as good at accepting things in her dunno really if I can say it was drug that worked for madie..the worse for her was it made her sleeepy...
Oh wish you lots of luck!! keep goin kiddo!

blogzilly said...

Good luck with the new AED...hope it helps.

Rain all weekend blows, especially on these rare three-day weekends.