Wednesday, August 13, 2008

8/13 -Sorry...

I just read my last post and realized how depressing it sounded. I guess a rough night can take it's toll. I was not in the most optimistic mood this morning...suffering from a little sleep deprivation, I suppose. Anyway, I have much better news to report!

Austin had his monthly evaluation with the social worker from ECI (Early Childhood Intervention -works with developmental delays) and she was so thrilled about his progress! Not only is he doing exceptionally well for a baby with IS, but she is convinced he is already trying to walk! He's got the know-how and certainly the courage, he just needs a little work on his balance. We tried and tried to get him to crawl, but is just simply not interested. He keeps trying to get up and stand! I'm really excited to get his therapist out here tomorrow to start working with him. She is really going to push him.

Another cool bit of news...he started holding his sippy cup two days ago! I've been working with him for over a month on that skill. He would recognize the word "sip" and open his mouth, but he wouldn't grab it and put it to his mouth. He would usually just grab it and bang it on the high chair. But then, it was like he always knew...he just took it from me and put it in his mouth, just like he does with his bottle. This may seem like a simple task, and probably is, for other babies his age, but to's HUGE!! It's just further solidifies that he's still learning new things. Being the paranoid mother that I am, I seem to always be looking for signs of regression, so any signs of progression are miraculous in my mind.

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aRtcHixX said...

Mom sure does take some great pictures, but then again pretty hard to take a bad picture of such a cutie pie!!
He looks so happy!!
Think Bailey is ready for him walking?? **grins**
ToO CutE!
love & Hugs!