Thursday, August 21, 2008


I think it's almost safe to say the ACTH is in the past. Austin is actually sleeping at night again! So funny, I actually had to text Mom this morning to let her know how long he'd slept, because I almost couldn't believe it myself! He only got up once at 3:30 am, but it was a breeze. I ended up having to wake him at 11:30 so he could take his medicine! I forgot what a full night's sleep was like! I'm not used to that! I had a sudden burst of energy that I suddenly felt inspired to clean the house! Imagine that...

To add to the cheer of actually getting some sleep, it was probably 2:30 pm before I saw the first spasm from him too. Yesterday I think he topped out at 15 spasms...which is an improvement. It's about 9 pm now and I've counted 7 so far. Not bad...Crossing my fingers on this last increase on the dosage.

OT went great again today. Not anything major to tell you all, but she's impressed with the progress. I'm encouraged!

Let's pray for another restful night!!! :)


AmandaRose said...

hey sis, i just read everything, alot of stuff i didn't know, just want to say "Your a great mom" and i hope he continues doing well, i know you was so happy to get sleep.. we love you all so much, and if you need ANYTHING you know we're here for you..

aRtcHixX said...

Felt the urge to clean the house...
WoW!! I think that full night's rest messed with you! **giggles**
Great to hear!
You both deserved that night!