Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So far another good day...sort of!

This is an older pic -he hasn't lost THAT much weight! ;)

Austin continues do well spasm-wise. He's had very few today, maybe 3 so far (although they tend to pick up at night). I called the neurologist, but seeing as it's after 5 pm, it doesn't look like I'll be hearing from her today. Surprise, surprise...

The only complaint of the day is his sleeping routine. He's totally gotten his days and nights mixed up, so he wants to party all night and sleep all day! Yuck!!! I know what I need to do to resolve it, but it's so hard to keep a baby awake that is obviously so miserably tired! Everyday he's been staying up a little later and therefore sleeping a little later to compensate. We didn't get up until noon today! That is certainly a more welcomed problem than the spasms, so I guess I should stop complaining! :)

He's doing great otherwise, so all in all, pretty good day!!

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Stacey said...

I completely understand the sleeping issues. Levi has been doing the same thing because of teething. Oh, we are going crazy! Poor Steven, my husband, has to be up so early and he isn't getting any sleep right now! Crazy!