Tuesday, August 12, 2008

8/8 -Update

Ok, so I just found out that I can only have 3 news entries at a time unless I upgrade this website...ugh!! Soooo, I guess I will delete and add to keep it going! To the point...Austin's spasms have been creeping back a little. We are hoping that an increase in his meds will do the trick, though...still waiting to hear from the neuro... The good news is that he FINALLY pulled up to stand completely on
his own the other day in his play yard!!!! I knew he could do it, because he pulls up on us without help all the time. He just never would pull up on anything but a person. We are so excited about that because it is one of the best signs would could have hoped for...continuing to progress in milestones! Also, he's getting up to a kneel on the floor. That boy wants to stand on his own so badly! I've seen him crawl short stretches at a time, but he always stops and tries to stand instead! Forget the crawling people, he has NO interest! That's the latest...will come back soon with more updates!

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